Crush Test

Buying an oil press can be a big investment - and you'll want to be certain of the results you'll get from the commodity you want to crush. We have extensive videos that you can access from here, showing our M70 Oil Press crushing many different commodities.

If you do not find the commodity you want to crush underneath our videos section, or if you feel your commodity differs in some way from what is shown in the videos, we highly recommend that you run a crush test prior to buying an oil press.

We have two types of Crush Tests available: the Standard Crush Test and the R&D Crush Test.

Standard Crush Test
The Standard Crush Test can be ordered on our website and is designed to provide specific metrics on throughput and press efficiency for seeds and nuts that are known to be successful with our press, or for which very similar seeds or nuts have been successful. The primary goal of a crush test is to demonstrate oil press performance with a particular commodity and to determine the amount of commodity that can be processed over a fixed period of time, as well as the amount of oil and meal produced during that period.

This crush test primarily provides guidance in determining the number of presses appropriate for an application or to identify differences between varieties for a specific commodity and can also provide increased confidence to potential clients prior to equipment purchase.

The crush test requires 25 pounds of seed to be available for the test. The cost of the Standard Crush Test is $250. This expense is credited toward your oil press purchase. 

R&D Crush Test
The second type of crush test is an experimental R&D Crush Test. In this type of test, the feedstock has very unknown press performance attributes or our engineering expertise suspects low likelihood of success or has no basis for assessing probability of success. This type of testing is often quite iterative, experimental and labor intensive.

The crush test requires a minimum of 50 pounds of the feedstock to be available for the test, and the maximum amount that can be processed during the test is 100 pounds.

The cost of the R&D Crush Test is $800. We will allow up to 16 hours of effort for completion of the testing. If success cannot be demonstrated within that 16 hour effort, or with the volume of seed provided, the test will be terminated and the feedstock considered inappropriate for our oil press. This expense is credited toward your oil press purchase. 

Please consult us by phone or email prior to ordering a crush test so we can help determine the appropriate type of test.

What we need from you:

  • Approximately 25 lbs (11 Kg) of desired commodity for the Standard Crush Test or
  • A minumum of 50 pounds (22 Kg) of desired commodity for the R&D Crush Test

What you will get back

  • Oil sample from the crush test (typically 16 ounces or less)
  • Meal sample from the crush test (typically 16 ounces or less)
  • Access to video of the oil press in action with your commodity
  • Numbers on how much oil we extracted per pound of commodity along with commodity throughput rate

Send the commodity to:

Oil Press Company
ATTN: Crush Test
350 Industrial Drive
Mondovi, WI 54755

* Above price does not include shipping